#1: How to get a very cheap vacation in Indonesia?

This is my first time writing something in English. Well, beside I want to boost my English, I want to get more and more readers.


By the way, today is my first day too on summer holiday 2010. Actually in Indonesia, we don’t have summer season, but it quite seems like one. Here, the air is always as warm as on summer…

Hum…Indonesia, I always want to explore! I can’t wait to go somewhere and feel the excitement!

By the way, I got some tips to get a very cheap vacation in Indonesia:

1. Get some promotion airplane tickets!

You can save over than 50% budget when you are lucky enough to get this promotion airplane ticket. For example, from Bandung to Padang, the ticket will be only $30 instead of $60!

2. Enjoy some exotic delicious food, from the stalls beside the street.

Café and restaurants are excellent, I agree. But sometimes you can only feel the real taste of some dishes on these stalls. We call it Pedagang Kaki Lima here. You can ask the local residents where are the best stall around.

3. Don’t you ever miss every free show!

Festivals, buskers, car free day events, exhibition, competition, bring your camera every day!

4. Get your inn beside the beach or on the top of the hill.

When you get bored, go swim or walk on mountain. It’s all free, rather than walking on the city street to get spa or shop.

5. Get some free postcards as your souvenirs... hahaha

Sometimes you should spend so much money to get souvenirs for your family or friends. These free postcards, that you can take as many as you need, is a very good choice!

6. Instead of taxi, try to experience Angkot by your self. ^^

Feel the move, and be patient. That’s the rule, babe!

7. Bargain the price when you shop, even more than 50%

First you considered as tourist, you’ll get the highest price for every item. Try to bargain, or bring some native of your friend. It will help to save soooooo much much money.