Housekeeping Guide - To Do List for Beginner

Your clean room is the best, even when the meaning of the word ‘clean’ is diferent for everyone. At least we do love our healthy and happy life, don’t we? We could agree, that we cannot live with mice or smell or all the rotten stuff around.

Since i was a little girl, when i was on junior high school, I guess, I’ve tried to help my mother doing this housekeeping job. Well, this is a long lasting job. It will never end until you get a maid. So you have to love this job.

Several people think that washing dishes, washing clothes, and cleaning up your trash are good enough. But I think you should realize that a list of housekeeping work is even longer than your bussiness list. For me, it is even longer than my homework story board.

Okay, here the list. It’s not perfect, coz i’m not a wife yet. Please correct it, and enjoy!


1. Make Beds

2. Tidy Up the Bedroom

3. Make Breakfast

4. Clean Up Dining Room

5. Sweeping

6. Wash Dishes

7. Swab the Floor

8. Sweeping Outdoor

9. Throw out the Trash

10. Watering Plants

11. Clean Up Other Rooms

12. Do up the Laundry

13. Dry up the Clothes

14. Iron

15. Tidy Up the Cupboard

16. Dusting

17. Shopping for Lunch and Dinner

18. Cooking for Lunch and Dinner

19. Serve The Food

20. Another tidy up…

Weekly or fortnightly:

1. Sorting the food stock

2. Cleaning Up The Refrigerator

3. Wiping Window Glasses

4. Wiping Furniture

5. Mowing

6. Specific Gardening

7. Washing Bed Covers, Curtains, Pillow Case, Towels, Kitchen Accessories, Table Cloths, etc.

8. Wiping the jars

9. Repair something

10. Cleaning Up Bathroom

10. Dry the pillow, bed, dolls, etc


1. Cleaning Up the Kitchen

2. Cleaning Up carpets.

3. Washing Toys

4. Check The Lamp

6. Sorting Document

5. Washing The Trash Bin

Being wife or mom is not as simple as you want. Just try to be a wife or mom for a day! If you are doing your best, you will know how tired your mom every end of the day. So please be nice to her!

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