Bandung oh Bandung

I want to congratulate Kania Prita Anggrainy, Sri Suryani, Mutiara Haridah, Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, Apriani Kurnia Sayashayu, Nadhilla Ireddyna Adha, Marissa Purnamarini, and Resya Wulanningsih. So glad you guys can pass to the final presentation of Solo Waterfront Competition! Congratulations! and ganbatte for today! :))

Then, it's all about my feeling. I feel so envious seeing Solo running rapidly, which is firstly started with the presence of a super inspiring mayor who lead several constructive changes. Mr. Joko Widodo, who usually called as Mr. Joko Wi and known as a mayor who's not taken his salary, has done so many things for better Solo as long as his tenure. From the unconventional approach to run the PKL (or cadger) Regulation, changing 180 houses into city gardens, promote becak as one of Solo most wanted transportation mode, until today this Solo effort torestore the Bengawan Solo River as Solo's city landmark.

In the other hand, now Surabaya (presented by HIMATRA UK Petra) also managing a design competition to restore Sungai Kalimas as city Landmark. How about Bandung? Which issue, which part of Bandung can be tilled for the better Bandung?

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