Hello, Bali! I'm coming...

I've just finished my first day in Bali, but i've learnt so many things here. For your information, this is my first time taking a flight too. So i want to share a tips for your first time flight experience:

1. make sure your baggage cabin large enough to accomodate your stuff, pay when you're pre-booking to get the cheaper cost.

2. do not bring more than one large bag (size allowed: 59 cm at the long side), and just one small bag to passenger cabin.

3. prepare your pre-booking code, your indentity card, and cash money to pay the airpost tax and insurance.

4. turn off your phone before get in to the airplane.

5. please enjoy waiting in the waiting room; you may read, listening to music, or hang out with friends.

6. if you're going alone, there's no need to booking a seat, but if you want to do that, choose seat at line 10/11 on seat A or F. This seat ia not a hot seat, near the emergency exit, right beside the window plus you're scene is not blocked with the wings.

7. do not ever ever ever recieve anything from stranger, cause you don't know what it is.

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