Color Associations

Still from the same book, Appendix 4. Mm, for your information, this book was published in 1988. You have to find more recent literature if you are a good student.

But, forgive my ignorance, let's go to the article. Here some color associations for your company identity:

Positive associations: happiness, aggresion, impulsiveness, optimism, strength, masculinity, dynamism, mobility, passion, appeals to people who live with ther lives with a tremendous amount of intensity.
Negative associations: explosiveness, death, war, anarchy, devil, blood
Taste: flavorful, ripe, sweet.
Language: red letter day (memorable), red in the face (anger), red tape (bureucracy), in the red (debt), reds (communists)
Physical Effects: warmth, it quickens the heart rate slightly and released adrenalin into the bloodsteam.

Positive associations: communications, mariage, organic, ambitions, cheerfulness, expansiveness, richness, generousity, receptivity
Negative associations: malevolence
Taste: peppery, spicy, or orange flavoured
Physical Effects: warmth, rembles the light of a fireplace or a baker's oven

Positive associations: cheeriness, enlightenment, sunshine, intelligence, action, youth,
Negative associations: cowardlines, treachery
Taste: lemon, lightness, acidic
Language: yellow stripe (cowardlines) yellow jurnalism (sensationalism)
Physical Effects: uplifting

Positive associations: nature, fertility, life, hope, prosperity, stability, security (most nations have green currency)
Negative associations: decay, mold, envy, jealousy.
Taste: srech, slighty spicy, pine, lemon-lime.
Language: green with envy, green (inexperienced; immature), greenbacks
Physical Effects: calming quieting

Positive associations: spirituality, feminimity, cerservatism, devotion, justice, rationality, pasivism, tranquility, contentment, hygiene.
Negative associations: melancholy, darkness, discouragement, doubt
Taste: berry flavor, sweet
Language: blue blood (nobility), blue mood (depression).
Physical Effects: cool, shooting, restful.

Positive associations: reyalty, loyalty, power, memories, truth, religion.
Negative associations: lust, decandence, penitence, mourningm screcy, mystery
Taste: grape flavored
Physical Effects: lilac (evokes feeling of fantasy)

Positive associations: organic, strength, masculinity, earthiness, compactness, health, utility.
Negative associations: vulgarity, barreness, impoverishment
Taste: suggestive a strong favor (heavy and substansial), golden brown is appetizing.
Physical Effects: lighter shades evoke feelings of health and well-being

Positive associations: impenetrability, distinction, nobility, elegance, darkness
Negative associations: death, sickness, eternal silence, despair, denial, evil, sin
Taste: rich (represents the ultimate surender)
Language: blackball, black market, blackmail, blacksheep.

Positive associations: purity, refreshment, perfection, infinite widsom, truth
Negative associations: blankless, absolute silence, ghostliness, void
Taste: light, refined, delicate
Language: white flag (surrender, peace, truce)

Positive associations: autonomy, neutrality
Negative associations: indecision, fear, monotony, depression, age
Physical effects: coldness, dirt.

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