Corporate Identity Design

"Corporations are like people--they have individual characteristics, cultural impressions, and philosophies." - Veronica Napoles
I just found the book titled " Corporate Identity Design" by Veronica Napoles in my office. Completely match with our schedule. This is some of what she said.

A healthy corporate image will exhibit or elicit some, if not all, of the following characteristics or responses:

1. Strong emotional response.
1. Appearance of power.
3. Sense of experiance, confidence, and tradition.
4. Slow process.

Steps for designing this corporate identity are:
1. Analysis: briefing sessions, interviews, questionares, facility audit, graphic communication audit, review existing research, additional research, verbakl test.

aah, i want to tell you more about the verbal test she said. Questions in verbal test might go as follows:

- Look at this symbol and tell me what it means to you?
- Does it remind you of anything?
- What doas it communicate abi=out the company it represents?
- Would you buy any products that this company manufactures?
- Is there anything about the symbol that you do not like?
- How do you feel about the colors?
- How do you feel about the legibility of the logotype?
- How does this symbol compares with the symbols in similar industries?

if you give some choices of your examples, ask these final questions:

- which design has the strogest appeal?
- what is the one thing about your favored design that appeels to you the most?
- which design has the second highest appeal? what is its strongest point?

2. Design explorations: developing a concise design brief (by seeing company background, structure, samples of the competition's existing identity, marketing and advertising plan, technical requirements, research, and possible image direstions), then preliminary sketching or design using software whatever you want.

Tips for this creativity moment:
- Attribute analogy chains.
- Manipulating words (such as tag line I guess).
- Visual research.
- Color and corporate communication.

I do googling about this point: 'color and corporate communication'. Here the simply explanation:

Corporate colours, (or company colours), which are one of the most instantly recognizable elements of a corporate visual identity and promote a strong non-verbal message on the company's behalf. Examples of corporate colours:

* Red for Coca-Cola
* Blue for Pepsi
* Blue for IBM, nicknamed "Big Blue"

3. Design refinement: where to place the symbol, the negative versions, system design (letterhead, envelopes, and business cards first), presentations to the clients.

4. Implementations!

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