My Image of Japan

Japan is an admirable country. There are discipline, competitions, productivity, goals, innovations, and art in Japan life. Japan’s work ethic and willingness to learn is also the things I admire. There are several things that makes me jealous to Japan. First is the hygiene.

As a moslem girl, I taught that “Cleanliness is a part of Faith”. But trash still become a big problem in Indonesia. It’s really hard for us to separate the trash by the type. In the other hand the government offers an instant solution (in Bandung) by planning an insemination, though it’s danger to the resident in surrounding area. Trash is a big monster that will become our nightmare someday.

A hygiene lifestyle in Japan is a reflection from a good work ethic, a willingness to realize the theory that we learn, and a concern of a good life. A mother who diligently cleaning the house for the family shows her contribution in developing country. Because the healthy home grow the healthy soul to develop the country.

Although we different in cleanliness, Japan and Indonesia are mostly same in disaster threat. Indonesia has faced many disasters last year, and also Japan this year. I cried when seeing the last tsunami in Japan, but again I think “Why we didn’t prepare anything just like them?” Our family, our generation, are worthy enough to receive the protection.

Another thing I want to learn from Japan is the art, which shown in many form in Japan life. The food, even bentos, are too beautiful to be eaten. The clothes, the houses, the gardens, the markets, and of course the art stuff in the galleries are attractive. In this part Indonesia and Japan have a same potential. Indonesia also rich in culture and art. What we have to do is reinventing, redevelop, and promote the culture and traditions. It is also a big job to do.


  1. Agree! We need to learn a lot from them, from their culture. I mean how they treat others and life in general, in a very respectful manner.

  2. I don't remember I haven't reply this comment yet.

    Yep. the most of it can be seen in this article: https://masihangat.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/walau-kena-bencana-warga-jepang-tetap-tertib/