2012 Resolution (the very common title, one in a million I guess)

When I make myself write this title, suddenly I remember the beginning part of Bridget Jones Diary (actually I just read that part, because I've ever watch the two movies of it, and didn't think it worth enough to go on).

I've never write such a thing like this before! And i will not write the "i will not" part. (As The Law of Attraction said, our unconscious mind cannot understand the negative sentence. How come? But of course it will not hurt to just believe at this time.) So this is it.

I (the one who is very weak and undisciplined at this moment, but soon will be strong and consistent) Will:
  • Live a healthy life, sleep four to six hour a day, from 11 to 2 or 4. No more sleep only 2 hours a day, since my bachelor final project has been over.
  • Drink and eat well, follow Rasulullah SAW's example.
  • Sholat right after the adzan, and ascertain my self to get wudlu before the adzan. As Susan said, the most beloved deed is get your self wudlu before the adzan.
  • Read the whole words in the Holy Qur'an every month, even if I can only read the translations.
  • Commit to memory the Qur'an.
  • Learn 2 other languages this year.
  • Train my self to be more talkative, easygoing, and playful. Hohoh. If the dragon can be trained, so do I.
  • Launch the Norina before my 22nd birthday, which means, I afraid, I wouldn't be able to go to Gunung Salak. Sorry Nisul.
  • Re-selecting my books.
  • Do my task with all my attention, effort, and heart. Not compromise with quality (it is a quote, not my intention to use the negative sentence).
  • Consider everything in this resolution as His gift.
  • And live happily.

This resolution will be complete with a pray: "Bismillahi tawakaltu 'alallahi laa haula wa laa quwwata illa billah. Amin."

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