Books and Words and Human

You should know that my bachelor final project has finally over. And it leads me to the falling of my life flow. It goes down... down… below the deepest ocean. Suddenly i don't get any tension to do anything! I felt a strange feeling like I lost my left pair of my new socks and leave it only the right pair of it. Maybe not so similar but I lost my equilibrium. Until I force myself on reading again.

Reading is a really different activity compared with watching movies, plays, dramas, news, gossips, reality shows, simply anything on TV, or anything. Though either reading or watching gives you any inception of a matter. By reading some sort of words plays, somehow, you think. And imagine. And think it deeper. And it gives you and urge need to discuss it. And think it more.

Someone in a book ever told me that words are the most meaningful thing in the world. In addition, as I ever mention in my previous post, the famous J.K. Rowling also gives us an indirect message that word is a very… very… powerful weapon in the world. For the use of words in every magic spell. And can you notice that the most beautiful form of His love to the human being comes in words that unite in an unbreakable book?

Then because words are the most powerful weapon, it is important to see who’s the one who use the weapon, as in this case, the author. Why in this world, there are people who write such horror, thriller, dark book to be read by us? Er, maybe that last sentence sound too naïve to see, but really, why? That’s my first coming question. A friend told me that those books give some kind of pleasure to people. It is fun to read. Hah, are you crazy? Now I remember that my best friend is a consumer of a most dark thriller book, and more than a half of Wikipedia Best Author List is a thriller, horror, and mystery books author. Maybe it is fun to run the adrenalin faster, but the murderer in real life is a nightmare that no one in healthy mind and soul would want to bear. Maybe those kinds of books come because the world goes crazy. Mine another naïve sentence, forgive me.

Words are really the most powerful weapon. See how some book can leads to World War and kill million people in a short time. I am standing with everyone who believes that the war we know as world war is a game play. A game play that I could not understand yet, but makes me frightened enough. But as I recall my memory about the works of the Turkish writer, Harun Yahya, I remember that several books and thoughts mentioned become the basis of the war. You should read those works of him, because I can’t remember the actual idea about this ‘book and war’ matter. But as far as I remember what I concluded from his works that: books can leads to deliver a war.

Recently we could see and hear any news about war, murder, and terror in our country. The last that happened in South Sumatra, this 2011, in a village that I don’t want to mention, eight hour from my friend house, is a nightmare of the hell. You should know what village that I meant because the media ever mention about it. And it makes me think, how come a human being become so mean, evil, and crazy in this 2011 after the reformation and the 66th national independent celebration? Though I never thought that we already independent. And after hear about this village, I flash back to the question, why still there are talented author that write about those evil matter and spread those craziness? How to heal the world (as what The King of Pop said) then?

Where is the love? (Black Eye Peas) We were born into this evil world, where man is killing man. And no one knows just why. (White Lion) Hoh, you know, back to the famous J.K. Rowling, we already know the answer is love. Why the talented writer did not just write to spread the love, not such a cheesy thing as a historical romantic novel, but just like what mothers do. Love can come to many very different forms. It can be hurt or bliss or fun or tiring, but it can heal the world. Thank god I have a faith in You, and I know where to hold.

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