Coffee Cup #25: When You Need It

Tthe taste of water washing your throat will be magnificent when you are thirsty. But it will be painful when your stomach is already full with a liter of water.

Nothing will be truly enjoyable unless you need it. And sometimes, you have to take a hard time to dig what you need.

Just remember a part of Sofies Verden novel (it is an easy version of philosophy history by Jostein Gaarder) about Epicurean. One of their philosophy of life is how to avoid suffering. The interesting part is 'HOW?'. If you think eating chocolate is delicious and then you eat more and more piece of chocolate, you will suffer the side effect of eating too many chocolate. then you can't enjoy the chocolate anymore. They wanna say that: sometimes small pleasure should be hold to reach the real happiness. Passion should be controlled. Dig what you really need.

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