Coffee Cup #26: Born with a Note: How to be The Outlier

It's unfortunate that every human being was not born along with a note. What kind of note? Well, a note that tells you what is exactly your role in this world. It sounds ridiculous perhaps, but isn't it will be more efficient if you already know what you were born to be? Obama was born to be a president. Gandhi and Ahmadinejad was born to be an exact example of Servant Leadership. Frodo Baggins was born to destroy the one ring. Hellen Keller was born to remind us to be thankful. Einstein was born to be an amazingly crazy scientist. Jackie Evanco was born to be a youngest opera singer. Quentin Blake was born to be a superb illustration maker. Fa Mulan was born to save china and campaign about following your heart. And even Joker has his own purpose in his life: to be an icon of insanity and watch the world burns.

Just remember one thing: those are extra ordinary people.

Most people --ordinary people-- now have to spend their time to search his/her own purpose. It can take only a minute as well as a lifetime. Sometimes it's like having a cup of coffee and 'eureka!'. Sometimes it's like a never ending story. This is what happen to us. To ordinary people like us. But, do you remember a book called Outliers, a wonderful book written by Malcolm Gladwell?

As a person who use English as second language, I don't know what's the meaning of outlier until I learn Business Statistics. Outlier is an observation of a sample that is numerically distant from the rest of data. If I may simply say, outliers are those extra ordinary people. Gladwell implied that somehow the outliers is chosen by God. or Fate. Or somehow they shaped by reaching standard 10000 hours of practice. Then if it is clear that we are yet chosen for anything, perhaps we can spare our 10000 hours from now on.

Back to the first question: what if we spend our time in the wrong direction? Honey. that's why we call free will as free will, something that gifted to human being. And since it's we, human, who are choosing here, we could be right and we could be wrong. People saying that you have to stay focus, but what if you love dancing singing sewing and gardening with equal measure? The answer is just choose. You can stay with several but you cannot become everything. You cannot be a joker and a batman at the same time. If you reflects all those ordinary people journey on finding their purpose, you know that all depend to their  own decision. Fate comes up, miracle happens, but you have to work hard as your part.

For you who have found your own purpose, I'm happy for you. And for you who are still searching, keep choosing!

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