Coffee Cup #37: Beautiful Habit

I am looking at history of 'beauty' in terms of aesthetic and judgment of taste. And I reach a flashback part to ancient Greek where the definition of beauty is actually related with not only phisical beauty (as in Kant's definition) but also beautiful habits. So here I am... so envy to anyone who have beautiful habits.

'Beautiful habits' reminds me of Stephen Covey's book, of course. But it also reminds me of Hasan Al-Banna in a biografi titled "Detik-Detik Hidupku". Little Hasan has something that I call beautiful habits, as his brother describes: from Qiyamul Lail until around 8am when he has to go to school, they studied Qur'an, Hadist, Fiqh, and Tarikh every single day. No wonder he became a hafidz and an Imam. 

As for me, changing the habit is a hard thing to do. I have many things to change for example:
- eating instant food
- enourmous consumption of coffee
- cat nap, even when it is actually night, if you can imagine
- always in a hurry

Well I hope it wont be a like 'bridget jones diary' in which part she wants to make a new year resolution. She has bad habits; and while she makes that resolution she knows that she won't change it.... 

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