Learn From a Chairman

I accompanied my mom in one of her seminars. The keynote speaker was Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware. Most of people want to be success just like him. So, what's his little secret? He said there are 7 things to share about his success:

1. Mindset: dream. 
When he was a boy, he want to be a cowboy; until he realize that cowboy is a bad profession: they sleep outdoor with their horse, not so often to take a bath, prepare awful food such as biscuit and beans for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, and moreover it's a low income profession. Then he turned 15 and dreamed on being the F1 racer. ''It's better," he thought. when he finished his college degree, he knows that he want to dive in business. then he dreamed to be the top one in every business he get in. and that's exactly where he stands today. unfortunately, most people stop dreaming when they're growing up. he hope i'm not the one like them.
2. plan your life. 
it's important. what will you achieve this year, this month, this week, today? if you failed to plan your days, you are going to let the time to fly away. you are wasting your time. i remember another CEO i met several weeks ago in a construction field in arcamanik pals, he said to me: if you do not really like drawing and design but you still spare time to take a job in architecture field, then you are wasting your precious time, honey. it's a pity. so Rick Goings said that even he, the one with personal assistant, managers, and secretary, also makes a list of what-to-achieve-things every single day. he wakes up every morning with a spirit to take action that day!
3. you must have energy based on your love and passion. 
look at the rockers, not a boring singer like afghan. or a live dynamic tennis player, not a boring world class player. they have spirit! power! in architecture field maybe i should take a look to peter eissenman, zaha hadid, and gehry, not to a boring aristocratic one like -- in my opinion -- walter gropius with his bauhaus. they have unique touches that shows us that they have love and passion. while talking about love, there is something more in his story. he said that his 12 years old daughter died several years ago in a disease. losing her is a biggest regret in his life. She loves red shoes, he said, that's why he always use a red rubber bandage on his wrist, to remember her, that if he could, he would give the best for her. then he open a boys and girls club, an organization to facilitate unfortunate children in united states. listening to him, tears come while i remember of my cousin. how i want to help the children with cancer if i could.
4. high durability. 
like Ultra Milk slogan: 'kalau kamu punya aktivitas segudang, kamu harus SEHAT untuk menikmatinya'. Rick Goings also said that you have to put your fitness at first. Do not ever ever ever work harder than your body can manage. It's hard for me to follow this advice, but i now i manage to do that. Zig Ziglar also ever said something similar. He said, "You are the first class racing horse. You should exercise in an exact amount, eat and drink in a best way (not eat junkfood), you should stay clean, and set the peace in your mind". This healthy term means not only 'health' but also 'the optimum health'. This is what Khalid bin Walid did, didn't he?
5. interaction-relation. 
every business is about interaction with people. the best man in an industry know the best how to deal with people. i remember my bosses in Plasis. there are three of them, and one of them is my favorite. he always says please. 'tolong buat ini nad, tolong perbaiki ini nad'. he teaches well, speak in clearly well structured sentences. sometimes he scolds me if a made same mistake twice but that's only because he knows he can expects more from me. he thanks me for my works. he laughs often, and treats every single person as his friend. and he often brings his son to the office.
6. relationship. 
Mr. Goings has a beautiful strong relationship with his wife, Susan. he has lovely family, great friends, big circle of network. most of the time relationship is more important than money. He told us about George Harrison, a personnel of the Beatles. When George got ill in his death bed, Ringo Starr the drummer visited him and sat beside his bed. Ringo talked to him, but George was so ill that he had not even sat for days because he was so weak. When the time for Ringo to go home was coming, he said to George: 'George, I have to go home, I have to catch my flight right away. It's a special day for my daughter and I have to be beside her.' suddenly George took his body to sat up, and said, 'do you want me to come with you?' his relationship with Ringo and his daughter even stronger than his cancer.
7. response-ability. 
if we talk about responsibility, we take that as a burden. but it's different with response-ability. because it means you prepare your self. you learn, you train yourself to have more skill to be able to response with any kind of opportunity. look at this: “Lebih baik mempersiapkan untuk sebuah peluang namun tidak mendapatkannya, daripada memiliki peluang dan tidak mempersiapkan diri untuk mendapatkannya” (Whitney Young Jr.) If you should be better in communication skill, then practice! If you should be a good teacher, then do your homework. If you want to sell something, learn how to sell. prepare your self!
that's the points. one more thing he shared at the end of the day, is a piece of paper in his pocket which he wrote in in the morning that day. it's a positive sentence he made for himself to be positive. "make it a good day".