Why copy instead of move when you use ‘move’ command in Auto CAD 2006, 2007, or 2008?

I often get this bug when I first use auto CAD. I was really frustated with this. Because I have to spend so much time to erase another object that left because of copy action. I goog on google, it was midnight actually. Then I found somewhere… I forget the name of the forum. There, an expert said that is usually happened when you use AutoCAD. What you have to do are:

1. Being calm, and don’t be panic… do not restart the auto CAD, because it will happen and happen again.

2. Add (.) in front of your command. So when you mean ‘move’ you have to write ‘.move’. It really works, Babe! You don’t have to erase the copy object. Yeay!

3. Repair the bug, by using ‘redefine’ command. First, type ‘redefine’ and press your space bar. Then type ‘.move’ (with (.) in front of your command) and press space bar again. The move command will work as well as before! You don’t have to add (.) again. You can use this redefine command to repair another command.

Well, I just wanna share this.. for all beginners in auto CAD. I do panic honestly, but internet gives me the answer. Thank you master from somewhere forum. Hahaha

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