Practice English, Be Fool and Brave

When i work in the design studio, where i formally do my design process, my group and I trying practice english everytime. It's funny to listen how we talk to each person and then speechless on an easy word.

But English, like also Japanese, Korean, and formal Bahasa, is fun to practice! Even when we're taking it seriously, we're smiling and feeling so silly, and then we can't help laughing. Practicing English is soooo important. So this is my tips:

  • Do it together with your friend. Make an agreement of an English day or an English zone, then try to execute it. The choice is execute or being executed.
  • Do not laughing on your friend's fault, smile and correct it. But, actually you could laughing at your self for fun.
  • Do not use the dictionary. Just ask your friend the vocabulary you need, and use your imagination to understand everyone.
  • Be brave, open up your mouth and talk. Just talk in every simple thing you think, and enjoy!
  • Practice with more quote from movies or books, to give you more vocab and structure.
  • Do it everyday!

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