Coffee Cup #38: How can I not

I feel grateful... how can I not?

Many things happen for reasons. Many thing in this world and so in my life. I am in a process of learning to trust Him faithfully and keep positive with His plan. Day to day I found that His plan is really, truly beautiful.

By the way this blog is set in a public mode. So I expect there are readers like you who probably wonder how can I say His plan is beautiful? I assure you I'm not fabulously wealthy at the moment. Neither I have reached a great achievement nor found my true love. Not yet. And I'm not completely free of problems. The thing is I soon realize that life is the messy bit. It is the kind of mess which can shape you from raw stone; crave you, rub you, even burn you, and then polish you into the best gem.

I believe there's balance in life. In every goodbye there's a new hello. Sometimes win, sometimes lose. Sometimes you are lost, sometimes you are found. Sometimes you have to give before you get. Sometimes you think you are 'sacrificing' something, but actually you are making yourself richer and better.

Although there are several things that makes me sad till today, I feel I turn up being a better person. That's a good thing. This whole year (accumulated) is a super awesome one. I can't stop feeling thankful. I got a scholarship. l can study abroad. l have open and caring classmates. l found new family in Brisbane. I can perform angklung with cool mates. l had casual works better than I can imagine and get better grades than I thought I deserve. I have opportunity to do tahfidz and it was really great this year. I have beautiful friendships. I can enjoy summer with my family. And countless things which I can only keep for myself at the moment.

I have no reason to be ungrateful. Alhamdulillah.