What have we learned in MSM ITB so far?

We had three heavy weeks this June while having a preparation course for MSM ITB, at least from my opinion. First, I should tell you that my bachelor background is in Architecture. Although I have a great interest in entrepreneurship, most of the material in this class is new for me. Receiving all this new material in rapid speed is not categorized as something ‘light’, isn’t it?

At the first week we learn about ‘’PEOPLE’’ in organization. Who is this ‘’people’’? What are their roles in organization? You should check my other notes about Human Capital Management and History of Science Management to take a peek of what we learn about this. But I can simply say that this course successfully opens my eyes that people as ‘capital’ is different with people as ‘cost’ or just ‘asset’. Based on my humble observation, I think many ‘big’ corporations are still stuck in paradigm that set people as a ‘cost’. Even in several architecture firms. Is that why employment in architecture firm is rolling really fast? Hmm... Probably.

Then, when we enter the second week, we were introduced to Operational Management. Since the goal of an organization is to create value as an output with the most efficient and effective throughput, operational becomes something that had to be managed. Most amazing thing about this course is that we have finished Heizer’s book in just a week. Well you can check my note about Operational Management for the details.

At our third week, we learn about Business Statistic. We use ‘Business Statistic’ big book as the guide and finally manage to reach chapter 10. People who come from any major where quantitative method is most used as research tools will take it easy I believe. But back to my bachelor background, we (the graduates) are unfortunately lack in knowledge about research method. Business Statistic is new. Real Statistic is new. I had to run faster to follow the class. But it’s worth it. Check my note about Business Statistic.

Conclusion, I think I become much smarter through this class. I can’t think I don’t because my head is burning. Ha ha. Now I wish I can use this knowledge to create something. Very eager.

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